York & Son
Grand Rapids, Mich.

Famous for their brass tuba's, cornets etc, York & Son also made a nice bassdrum pedal. In 1884 the company was known as J.W. York and Company. In recognition of his infant son Charles E. York, he renamed the company York & Son in 1887. York further changed the company’s name to York & Sons in 1898 to include his other son, Frank W. York. They changed to York Band Instruments in '29 and sold to Carl Fischer Musical Instruments in December 1940. In 1971, Tolchin Instrument Company who then owned York, closed the factory.
This timeline dates the pedal to 1887-1898. Or maybe it was the old stamp still in use early 1900s?


All nickel over brass parts, worn from use so brass shows

heel-extension-piece folds for easy transportation

extra thin beater arm and cymbal clanger, the spring is a replacement



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