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1965 Slingerland set 22,12,14 and 5.5 x 14

Grey Satin Flame

Here's a very nice all original factory issued 1965 Slingerland set in quite rare Grey Satin Flame. The finish is in very nice condition for a satin flame, just some little tiny scuffs. The set consists of a 22 x 14 bassdrum, a 8 x 12 tomtom, a 14 x 14 floortom and a 5 x 14 snaredrum with 6 lugs, all matching color. The chrome is nice with some wear on the bassdrum T-rods, the railconsolette is in nice shape and good working. The shells are the 3ply maple-poplar-maple, clear maple interior. The shells have some little splinters from the factory drills. Heads are newish Remo Ambassadors, bassdrum has the original fronthead with the Slingerland logo.

Very sixties psychedelic!


With flash.

without flash
Without flash.


The hoops have a little paint loss, the inlays are complete.

12" tom & 14" floortom

Maple inside of the snaredrum.

With flash






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