1965 SLINGERLAND Gene Krupa drumset

Black Diamond Pearl
14 x 22
9 x 13
16 x 16
5.5 x 14

Very rare Slingerland set in classic sizes 22 13 16 with the matching one ply Artist snaredrum. Most of these snaredrums are 3-ply, but.... the one ply 'Artist' snare is the holy grail. The bassdrum has a 1965 datestamp inside. The finish Black Diamond Pearl is still very vivid and shiny, some small scratches but overall in very good and tight condition. The tomtom rims are chromed brass. The 3ply shells are clear maple inside. The snaredrum is the 1-ply solid maple Artist snaredrum with good working Zoomatic strainer, in perfect condition.

All in all a very nice set. These drums really sing deep and warm. Ambassadors on toms and snare, bassdrum has a Pinstripe batter and smooth white Ambassador front with Slingerland logo. Ready to gig.



Winnie's Drumkit
Amsterdam NL