Slingerland 1960s drumset White Marine Pearl

This set has a:
14 x 20 bassdrum incl. not pictured cymbalarm
8 x 12 tomtom
14 x 14 floortom
16 x 16 floortom
5.5 x 14 snaredrum

Clean and ready with new coated Ambassadors and clear bottom heads. The chrome is shiny with some little pitting, scrathes and wear on some parts. The railconsolette works great but has some real chrome loss. We recommend the new Steve Maxwell Rail Consolette Retro replacement for wider positioning, although this one works great, just cosmetically not so. All other fittings have good chrome and threads are fine.

The white marine pearl finish shows a little fading but no cracks and no extra holes and is tight on the seams. The bassdrum, small tom and the 16 inch floortom have mahogany shells stamped 1962, the 14 floortom and the snaredrum are later 1960s additions with maple inside.

The bearing edge's of the bassdrum and the toms are redone by a pro to level and a double 45 degree edge, a little sharper than the original edge's. The snaredrum is the 3-ply shell Artist Model, all original and with a nice Zoomatic strainer. Crispy and woody sound like they should. Included is the cymbalarm that goes into the bassdrummount that has replaced the bassdrum badge, I really don't think this is factory issue, former owner thinks it is. This is a real nice and flexible little set that sounds great.




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