1957 Gene Krupa Radio King Set

White Marine Pearl

This set is from 1957 and was called the Slingerland Gene Krupa Radio King Set.

Sizes are BD14 x 22, TT 9 x 13, FT 16 x 16 and snaredrum 5.5 x 14inch.

White Marine Pearl, very little discoloration, the finish is almost like new, with very little scratches, and tight.
The shells are 3ply with an inner layer of mahogany and maple reinforcement hoops, the snaredrum is the famous 1 ply maple Radio King shell with the 'Super' strainer aka Clamshell strainer. This strainer is known for it's need of attention. Most of the time the handle is broken off, but this one is complete and works well. Sometimes the snares still ramble a little in the off position. I turn the knob on the other side of the drum one turn to overcome this.
The rims are chrome over brass 'sticksavers' hoops. Very nice. The railconsolette has one part where a little of the chrome is coming off. As you might know Walberg & Auge manufactured the consolettes for every drummaker in the USA at that time and are well made but the chroming wasn't really good. This one looks absolutely great and works well. All other chrome is in excellent condition.

This is a very nice collectors grade drum set in the classic color. All drums have Slingerland Radio King Calfskin heads.

No cymbals, stands or pedals included.



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