1937 Slingerland Radio King Drum Set

This is a beautiful White Marine Pearl Radio King drumset in shiny condition without defects or any modifications. This drumset goes back seven decades, Duke Ellington, Chick Webb, Benny Goodman and more... Included with this all original Radio King drum set are the hoopmount double cowbells and holder, bassdum muffler, bassdrumspurs etc. as pictured. Also included are the original fibre cases for the toms and snaredrum. And I might have a replacement for the missing woodblock.

Snaredrum: the only thing structurally unsound when we got this set were the snaredrum reinforcement hoops, they were loose with gaps. Customdrums.nl has steamed them out and reglued them with respect for all original bearing edge details. The drum is round again, heads fit easily and it sounds like a Radio King should, this is a heavy 1-ply maple shell. The WMP finish has some wrinkles in one or two panels, see picture 3. The white marine pearl covering has very little fade or yellowing, no cracks. Complete and functional hardware, nickel 3-point strainer etc. This drum is the centre piece of this set. Size: 7 x 14

Bassdrum: is the cloud badge single tension model. Hoops are missing some of the black paint. No extra holes, 'virgin' shell. 3ply mahogany. Complete with original calfsheads. 14 x 28

Double tension TomToms have clip hoops, double muffler and railmount. 3ply mahogany. 9 x 13 and 12 x 14




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