BD 14 x 18, TT 8 x 12, FT 14 x 14, FT 16 x 16, SD 5 x 14

1970s Zickos drumset clear acrylic.

Bassdrum 14 x 18
Tomtom 8 x 12
Floortom 14 x 14
Floortom 16 x 16
Snaredrum 5 x 14

All original 5 piece seventies shell set. One of the first acrylic sets, Zickos invented it. Original top quality lug design. Unique set, in these sizes rarer then ever. Heavy shells.

Everything is nice and original, but the bassdrumshell has a repaired small crack at the bottom, look at the pictures. The crack is stopped and reinforced but still visible from the top due to the material of the shell.

Real cool set and a piece of history, remember Iron Butterfly? The drums sound warm and full because of the heavier rims and hardware. Fine quality drums.



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